The Lord of the Ring

special feature

Gandalf the White

Gandalf's shape refers to the Odin of the North Mythology, and at the very beginning of the appearance of Gandalf, he has a gray mustache and wears a gray cape (probably correspond to his title, Gandalf, The Gray) with his blue wizard hat.

Although there are some of the people knowing his essence, others mistakenly consider that his is nothing but a normal magician. 

Some of the people think that Gandalf is an elf; however, unlike elfs which never ages, Gandalf began as an elder man.

After becoming Gandalf the white, he switches to wear white ourfits; furthermore, his mustache even becomes white. 



 Before                                               After


With sword

Magic wand Proportion

Magic wand Detail

Head Shots

Sculpture No.01

Sculpture No.02

Sample No.1

Mass Production


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