The Lord of the Ring

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Heores of Middle-Earth : LOTR007 

Category : Heroes of Middle-Earth
Product Type:Sixth Scale Figure
Product Size:11" H (28cm)
Dimensional Weight (DIM):TBD
Int'l Dimensional Weight (DIM):TBD

Manufactured by: Asmus Toys


The Eowyn Sixth Scale Figure features:


Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness Eowyn from The Return of the King.


·  Super action female body

·  Approximately 28 cm tall 

·  Over 36 points of articulation 

Features :

· An authentic likeness of actoress from the film.  

· One pair of relaxed posture hand 

· One pair of weapon holding hand

· One pair of random posture hand 

Special features on Clothing:

· One Green cape

· One long sleeved undervest 

· One pair of  long underpants

· One special patterned movie realistic armor 

· One special patterned movie realistic wrist

· One special chainmail

· One pair of boots  

· One Helmet

Special features in weapons:

· One  sword  

· One belt plus sheath holder

· One sword sheath

· One Shield

· One Broken Shield


· One interractive cutom base 

· One Asmus Toys figure stand